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Visitor Information

Visitor Information

How can I keep in contact with patients while they are in the hospital?

Patients have the right to use our telephones to make and receive confidential telephone calls, unless the call violates a criminal law or would unreasonably infringe on other persons’ use of the telephone.

Phone Numbers

2 South

3 South

Dual Diagnosis Unit

Women’s Unit

When can I come to visit?

Due to the pandemic, visits will need to be scheduled in advance by calling the main hospital at 617-731-3200.

What will happen when I come to visit?

  1. Patients may have up to 2 visitors at a time.
  2. Visitors must empty their pockets of all items including valuables, sharps, lighters, matches, cell phones and cameras. These items must either be left in your vehicle or put in the lockers in the lobby.
  3. All visitors where “Visitor” stickers distributed by the receptionist in a visible area on clothing at all times.
  4. All visitors are required to present identification before entering the unit.
  5. All items visitors bring for the patient will be searched before it is allowed on the unit.
  6. All visitors will be wanded for detection of metals and contraband. If any personal belongings are discovered prior to entering the unit, you will be asked to return to the lobby to store those items in the lockers located in the lobby.
  7. All visits will be supervised in public areas on the units, and all visitors can only remain in the designated visiting areas. These precautions are for both the safety of the patient and the visitors.
  8. All visits off the unit need to be supervised and require a doctor’s order.

What can I bring when I come to visit?

Food and drink are restricted to that which is store bought and sealed. Fast food and drinks are not allowed as the patient is provided with snacks on the unit. Special diets are requested through the dietary staff. Vending machines are located in the Lobby area for the patients. The amount of up to $20.00 is allowed to bring to a patient, and single bills and change are preferred.

You may bring clothing for the patient, enough to last for up to a couple of days, without belts or strings, as they are not allowed on the unit. A washer and dryer are available on each unit.

Toiletries are provided on the unit for all patients; however, patients are allowed to have their own toiletries.

Patients often request small amounts of cash of up to $10, pre-packaged, sealed food, books, magazine, DVD’s and CD’s.

What can’t I bring when I come to visit?

Items not allowed on units:

  • Glass containers of any type
  • Food or drink items that are not sealed
  • Food or drinks that contain caffeine
  • Electronic equipment of any type (including cell phones)
  • Medications (including Over the Counter and/or vitamins)
  • Substances
  • Lighters/matches
  • Cameras
  • Weapons
  • Strings or laces
  • Sharp items of any kind

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